SCCG Management announces atrategic partnership with WhiteLotto for distribution of lottery software solutions

SCCG Management, a global leader in advisory services for the gambling industry, proudly announces its strategic partnership with WhiteLotto, a subsidiary of the esteemed GG International brand. This alliance marks a significant step in expanding the reach and capabilities of both companies within the global lottery and gambling sector.

WhiteLotto’s platform and solutions are a one-stop solution for launching a successful lottery business, encompassing the best lotteries, technical and marketing support, licenses, extensive marketing tools, an affiliate program, and support for over 40 languages. Their flexible models of cooperation and a blend of online and offline technology cater to a wide range of lottery messenger services and national lotteries worldwide.

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, commented, “Our partnership with WhiteLotto is a landmark moment for us. WhiteLotto’s cutting-edge lottery platform and its global operational model perfectly align with our vision of connecting the industry’s best products and services. We are thrilled to collaborate with a company that has such a profound understanding of the lottery sector, and we look forward to bringing WhiteLotto’s exceptional offerings to our extensive network of clients.”

Wojciech Lysak, Managing Director of WhiteLotto, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “The WhiteLotto team is proud to partner with SCCG. WhiteLotto’s business model was always to stay outside the flashlights, working from backstage in a peaceful and calm atmosphere delivering quality projects always on time, while being referred from project to project by word of mouth. Having cooperation with SCCG, which in WhiteLotto’s humble opinion is the industry superstar in terms of networking and connection of good businesses, WhiteLotto products can now be presented to a more broader audience of worldwide operators.”

This strategic partnership enables WhiteLotto to leverage SCCG’s vast network and expertise in the gambling industry, allowing them to expand their reach and showcase their innovative lottery solutions to a broader audience. For SCCG, collaborating with WhiteLotto adds a new dimension to their client partner ecosystem, which comprises over 100 of the top products, platforms, and solutions in the industry.


WhiteLotto provides an all-encompassing solution that includes a wide array of the best lotteries, full technical and marketing support, licenses, sophisticated marketing tools, an affiliate program, and linguistic versatility with over 40 languages. Known for its flexible cooperation models, WhiteLotto serves a diverse range of clients, from lottery messengers to national lotteries, with both online and offline technologies, distinguishing itself as a versatile and customer-focused provider in the worldwide lottery market.



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