Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our users

What problem are you solving for your customers? What does your product do for customers? What opportunities do you provide for people to be faster, more cost-effective, more efficient, happier, safer? How have you tested it with customers? What's unique about your technology/relationships/partnerships? How do you help your customers get results differently to your competition, or alternatives? What’s new and innovative about your solution? How many customers you already have? What's the opportunity to grow? How can you scale beyond your current scope: new industries, territories, applications of partnerships and technology? Have you invested money yourself? Have you raised money so far? What relevant experience and skills does your team have that supports your story? What brands you worked for or work with? What achievements do you have? What binds you together as people and as entrepreneurs? What’s special about the character of your team, that will make you stand out and be memorable? What is GG Token? How to buy GG Token?