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Powering the gaming and e-commerce world with effortless transactions. Created in cooperation with GG International, White Lotto, and GG World.

Why you should use GG Token

Benefits of using GG Token

Discounted price for white label setup fee at for a lottery or casino project.
More generous bonuses in casino (deposit bonus, free spin bonuses, cashback bonuses).
Instant deposits and withdrawals with fees as low as 5 GWEI.
Up to 80% discounts in e-commerce shops when buying digital and physical goods with GGTKN GGToken.Shop and
Inhouse payment gateway operating in 20 countries already with worldwide expansion ahead, accepting cards, mobile money, e-wallets, and alternative payment methods.
Discounted prices on WhiteLotto network of lottery messengers (for example Lifetime discount up to 80% on tickets when using GGTKN as a payment method!
Dedicated GG Token raffle with draw fairness and transparency thanks to blockchain based draws.
Can be used for anonymous gambling. Trustwallet, Metamask and many more verified and approved.
All of the parntering projects will keep ongoing bonuses and promotions for GG TKN users permanently.
In-house made GG World Wallet mobile app.
Virtual and Plastic prepaid Mastercard that can be topped up with GGTKN.
Exclusive staking platform cooperation.
Private and safe

GG World Wallet

The most trusted and secure crypto wallet. Buy, store, collect NFT, exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrencies with your card, Sepa or Swift. No forms, no selfies. Trade crypto anytime with ease. Only you have access to your wallet. We do not collect any personal data.

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Available on multiple DEX trading websites connected to PancakeSwap. Reach us at [email protected] for an OTC offer (+10k$).

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GG Token Information

GG Token Details

Token Name: GG TOKEN
Token Ticker: GGTKN
Total CAP: limited to 10% in 2024.
Total Supply: 12 726 273 000 GGTKN
Check the GG Token contract at
Check the GG Token contract at

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Mobilum Pay

Spend your GG Token thanks to direct integrations with multiple merchants or exchange it to FIAT and spend ANYWHERE in the world with your prepaid Mastercard provided by Mobilum Pay.

Virtual or plastic? Euro or USD? No need to choose. You can have both and spend your GGTKNs via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other card payment form. Need cash? GG Token prepaid card allows you to withdraw from ATMs around the world!

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Who already agreed to accept GG Token as payment method?

See the constantly growing list of projects who already agreed to accept GG Token as a payment method.

Online lotto, casino and sportsbetting in Peru licensed by the Peruvian government. Offline sales allowed across the country. License available for the next 12 years with extension priority. LIVE

Established in 2015, worldwide range lottery messenger services, powered by WhiteLotto, accepting players from +50 countries, available in +40 languages. Recently added online casino suite. LIVE

NFT Platform

MVP demo platform for tokenisation of any assets

National Lottery of Zambia established in 2018. Online and offline sales available. LIVE

Online lotto, casino and sportsbetting operator from Haitii. Offline sales allowed across the country. LIVE

Offers the possibility of running a platform like LottoPark in white label model with a unique technological approach. The time required for setting up a fully functional platform was reduced from months to weeks. LIVE

Nigerian lottery operator. Online and offline sales available. LIVE

Online lotto, casino and sportsbetting operator from Haitii. Offline sales allowed across the country. LIVE

Luminaria Global

B2B networking platform brought by the industry top networkers who started their experience in projects like Amway. LIVE

Online lotto operator in Guatemala, licensed by the Guatemalan government. LIVE

National Online Lottery of Cameroon. LIVE

National Online Lottery of Malawi. LIVE

National Online Lottery of Chad. LIVE

National Online Lottery of Mozambique. LIVE

National Online Lottery of Congo-Brazzaville. LIVE

Top Polish Nutrition Expert with Digital Courses, Mobile App and e-books available in his shop.

Best vitamins, minerals, and premium supplements - 100% clean label, no artificial additives. LIVE


Highest quality Cheers products distributor for the US market. LIVE

+10 Subsahran African countries – TBA Going Live in Q3/4 2024

+ 4 Latin America countries – TBA Going Live in Q3/4 2024

+3 Asian countries TBA Going Live in Q3/4 2024

+3 Middle East countries – TBA Going Live in Q3/4 2024

Bubblemaps is the first supply auditing tool for DeFi tokens and NFTs empowering multiple platforms and ecosystems: NFT marketplaces, analytical tools, blockchains, and more. LIVE

Our experience


  • Team members work as affialites for the online sportsbetting and adult industry
  • Expansion of the affiliate work to casinos and lotto
  • Creation of the own inhouse lotto platform.
  • Curacao license (valid until today) granted for the project, renewed every year
Q1 2022
  • PICK3, PICK4, Keno based on NY results, Keno based on NY results
  • 5/90 Chance 5, 5/90 NAP2
  • Mega Jackpot game for Africa
  • Super4 and Super 5 jackpot games for Africa
  • - lottery messenger licensed in Peru, available for all Latin America
  • Congo lottery operations start
  • launch
Q2 2022
  • Luminaria Global B2B Network
  • - Guatemala lottery
  • Walletconnect integration - anonymous gambling
  • Online casino in Peru -
Q3-4 2022
  • Work on Premier Loto and Pel projects
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
  • Lotto in Dubai
    Lotto in Mali
    Lotto in Kenya
    Lotto in Philipines
  • Sports Lotto
  • Pick2 lottery game
    Pick5 lottery game
  • Pick Games on White Lotto network
    5/90 Game on White Lotto network
  • New Casino Platform merged with lottery products
  • GGTKN Burn Games Series – Raffle, Lotto, Sports Lotto
  • Prepaid virtual and plastic Mastercard that can be topped up with GGTKN and swapped instantly to fiat (USD, EUR, PLN).
  • Staking platform cooperation
  • Top10 CEX listings
  • Burn model ANN
  • Cloud for landbased gaming systems
  • GG Token Wallet App
  • Bridges to new blockchains
  • Inhouse blockchain where GGTKN becomes gas.