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GG Token Details

Token Name: GG TOKEN
Token Ticker: GGTKN
Total CAP: limited to 10% in 2022.
Total Supply: 12 726 273 000 GGTKN
Token Contract: 0x1F7e8fe01AEbA6fDAEA85161746f4D53DC9bdA4F (BEP20 Network)
Lock certificates: 10% Lock certificate & 80% Lock certificate. Supply Lock Extension Announcement: 30.03.2023
TrustWallet.com - Verified & Approved
Metamask wallet - Verified & Approved
Guardarian - Buy with card, sepa & swift - http://guardarian.com/buy-ggtkn
Changenow - Swap any crypto with GG Token - https://changenow.io/currencies/gg-token
NowPayments.io - Payment gateway that accepts GG Token
BSC Scan - Blue Check Mark
SafePal, Onto and many other wallets Verified & Approved.
GLI certificate - https://access.gaminglabs.com/certificate/index?i=314
ISO 250001 certificate
Security Audit done by Interfi with a score of 8.5/10: https://github.com/interfinetwork/

Who already agreed to accept GG Token

as payment method?

LotoPeru.comOnline lotto, casino and sportsbetting in Peru licensed by the Peruvian government. Offline sales allowed across the country. License available forthe next 12 years with extension priority. LIVE
LottoPark.comEstablished in 2015, worldwide range lottery messenger services, powered by WhiteLotto,accepting players from + 50 countries, available in +40 languages. Recently added online casino suite. LIVE. Sporstbetting platform to be added Q3 2022.
NFTNFT marketplaces and exchanges. Real art tokenisation platform and exchange. From starving artists to the greatest work of art of all time. Primary marketplace pelxp.com. Secondary marketplace pelbuy.com Live in Q3 2022.
LottoZambia.comNational Lottery of Zambia established in 2018. Online and offline sales available. LIVE
Lotto.HTOnline lotto, casino and sportsbetting operator from Haitii. Offline sales allowed across the country. LIVE
LottoNigeria.comNigerian lottery operator. Online and offline sales available. LIVE
WhiteLotto.comOffers the possibility of running a platform like LottoPark in white label model. Thanks to developing the whole platform in-house from scratch combined with a unique technological approach, the time required for setting up a fully functional platform was reduced from months to weeks. LIVE
LotoCash.comOnline lotto, casino and sportsbetting operator from Haitii. Offline sales allowed across the country. LIVE
Rc-Lotto.comAustralian licensed raffle and bet on lotto project. Going Live in Q2 2022.
Luminaria GlobalB2B networking platform brought by the industry top networkers who started their experience in projects like Amway. Live in Q3 2022.
Lotto.GTOnline lotto operator in Guatemala, licensed by the Guatemalan government.
Asia+3 Asian countries TBA Going Live in Q2/3/4 2022
Middle East+3 Middle East countries – TBA Going Live in Q2/3/4 2022
LatAm+ 4 Latin America countries – TBA Going Live in Q2/3/4 2022
Subsaharan+10 SubsahranAfrican countries – TBA Going Live in Q2/3/4 2022

Benefits of using GG Token:

Discounted price for white label setup fee at WhiteLotto.com for a lottery or casino project.
More generous bonuses in casino (deposit bonus, free spin bonuses, cashback bonuses).
Instant deposits and withdrawals without any additional cost for transfer.
Dedicated GG TKN raffle with draw fairness and transparency thanks to blockchain based draws.
Up to 80% discounts in e-commerce shops when buying digital and physical goods with GGTKN GGToken.Shop and Cheers-shop.co.uk.
Available via NOWPayments.io and other cryptocurrency PSPs.
Inhouse payment gateway operating in 20 countries already with worldwide expansion ahead, accepting cards, mobile money, e-wallets, and alternative payment methods.
Discounted prices on White Lotto network of lottery messengers. Lifetime discount up to 80% on tickets when using GGTKN as a payment method!
More generous bonuses in sports book.
Can be used for anonymous gambling when using wallets available via walletconnect integration.
Low and limited supply.
Available via buy with card thanks to guardarian.com cooperation.
All of the projects will keep ongoing bonuses and promotions for GG TKN users permanently.
All of the projects commonly agreed to put the tokens back to the market for +10% price in comparison to the value when collecting.

Where to buy GGTKN?

Liquidity Lock - 100% till end of 2023. Extension date and amount will be decided in Q3 2023.

Buy with card, sepa and swift bank transfer at:

DEX trading now available at:

CEX trading now available at:

Early Adopters, Investors, GG Token Supporters

Wojciech Lysak
GG International Director

Expert in international solutions. Fifteen years of experience in online gaming entertainment and online marketing. Well-known and always present on multiple gaming conferences. Expert in B2B relationships and connections. Experienced in multiple successful start-ups.
Allen Wu
GG International Asia Director

Allen Wu is a serial entrepreneur entrenched in several sectors including financial services, tech, minerals, aviation and tourism, and real estate. He is CEO of BZG Asia Investment LLC, Chairman of Regent Blockchain Group, and Chairman of Achiko. Meanwhile he serves as Vice Chairman of Global Belt and Road Foundation, Executive Director of Global Blockchain Association, and First Vice Chairman of Apac Economic Leaders.
Alain Matar
GG Middle East Director and Africa relations

He is an expert in valuation and fundraising. Working with a number of corporations in the field of business marketing has rendered him to become a strategic advisor of our team. Has a deep knowledge and numerous connections in the Middle East and Africa markets.
Krzysztof Maslowski
CEO Verseoads.com

I’ve been cooperating with Wojciech on various international projects for a decade now. It’s a great honor to provide my ppc, google and social media experience to make GG World the biggest lottery ever created.
Iyke Okoro
LottoNigeria.com Director, DominiCasino.com Director
Andres Zalaquet
LotoPeru.com and LovCasino.com director. Nitten Capital director.
Claude Payen
Lotto.ht Director
Cedrick Poitevien
LotoCash.com Director
Mardo Soo

Fastest-growing consultancy company in Estonia by volume and has obtained over 400 crypto licenses so far. Clients have processed a total of over 2 trillion in transactions.

Supported by network of international companies including:

T2G Europe - Since 2009

White Lotto B.V. - Since 2015

GG Internationan Ltd - Since 2018

White Lto Cyprus - Since 2020

GG World UK Limited - Since 2021



Team members work as affialites for the online sportsbetting and adult industry.


Expansion of the affiliate work to casinos and lotto.


Creation of the own inhouse lotto platform.

Curacao license(valid until today) granted for the project, renewed every year.


Lotto platform white label technology.


True Random Number Generator with draw transparency features thanks to blockchain connection.

Gaming Labs International Certificate.


LottoZambia.com launch.


GG.World - $100 000 000 Jackpot game in White Lotto Network

LottoNigeria.com launch.


GG World Pick3, GG World Pick4

Casino.Faireum.win launch

Lotto.ht launch

Casino.LottoPark.com, Casino.LottoMat.com and many others with hundreds of games supplied by dozens of operators.

LotoPeru.com launch

Q1 2022

PICK3, PICK4, Keno based on NY results, Keno based on NY results

5/90 Chance 5, 5/90 NAP2

Mega Jackpot game for Africa

Super4 and Super 5 jackpot games for Africa

LovCasino.com - lottery messenger licensed in Peru, available for all Latin America

Congo lottery operations start

LotoCash.com launch

Q2 2022

Luminaria Global B2B Network

Lotto.Gt - Guatemala lottery

Walletconnect integration - anonymous gambling

Online casino in Peru - https://lovcasino.com

Q3 2022

RC LOTTO - Australian Raffle and high frequency games

Art tokenisation platform with sweepstakes competition for purchsers based on GG TRNG connected to blockchain for draw fairness and transparency.

Sports Betting platform

NFT marketplace

Metaverse gaming


Q2-4 2022

New countries cooperation announcement.

Play to earn Gamify concept

Frequently Asked Question

What problem are you solving for your customers? What does your product do for customers? What opportunities do you provide for people to be faster, more cost-effective, more efficient, happier, safer? How have you tested it with customers? What's unique about your technology/relationships/partnerships? How do you help your customers get results differently to your competition, or alternatives? What’s new and innovative about your solution? How many customers you already have? What's the opportunity to grow? How can you scale beyond your current scope: new industries, territories, applications of partnerships and technology? Have you invested money yourself? Have you raised money so far? What relevant experience and skills does your team have that supports your story? What brands you worked for or work with? What achievements do you have? What binds you together as people and as entrepreneurs? What’s special about the character of your team, that will make you stand out and be memorable? What is GG Token? How to buy GG Token?


The company’s initial history begins between 2000 and 2009 when the team was gaining experience while working as freelancers for other lottery projects. This is when a vision of creating an online lottery ticket selling platform emerged. The final result may be seen today at lottopark.com.

At first, LottoPark was ran using other domains, but its final name was introduced in 2015 when the domain was acquired. LottoPark name was chosen due to the fact it has the same meaning and has a similar spelling in almost every language. LottoPark’s success pushed the growing team to develop and introduce WhiteLotto.com, which offers the possibility of running a platform like LottoPark in white label model. Nearly every month brings a new partner and a platform being put up online. Thanks to developing the whole platform in-house from scratch combined with a unique technological approach, the time required for setting up a fully functional platform was reduced from months to weeks.


WhiteLotto.com sees the lottery messenger service industry as one of the best in the internet’s history. Customers are extremely loyal and each month brings a substantial growth in sales. Thanks to the huge rollovers in European and American lotteries which often go beyond $100 000 000 and receive great media coverage all over the world, WhiteLotto’s partners get a free advertisement for their service.


The year 2017 brought the most ambitious vision and project ever: a world game similar to Powerball or Eurojackpot with a common prize pool for all the countries participating in the GG World game. The project supports local charities. The company acquires its first licenses in Africa and the WhitePaper for the project is created by GG International team, the company that takes over the management of White Lotto and supports lottery projects today.

GG World

GG World Lottery was launched in November 2019 and instantly become a hit on WhiteLotto network. The game portfolio grew in time with the development of GG World Raffle, a game with the highest odds of winning the jackpot (1:100) and GG World Keno which has become one of the company’s bestsellers thanks to the draws taking place every 4 minutes and a possibility to win up to $1,000,000.


Striving to create the best lottery experience, the portfolio was expanded with more games to suit the local markets. GG World Pick 3, GG World Pick 4 with draws taking every full hour have been added to the offer. GG World 5/90 NAP 2 and GG World 5/90 Chance 5 are the newest additions developed in 2022. Variations of Pick3/4 and Keno based on popular NY games are currently being developed.

Pick 3

Another great addition to the company’s offer developed this year is the online casino suite, already used by a growing number of operators (casino.lottopark.com, casino.lottomat.com, lovcasino.com). The solution offers the players the possibility to play hundreds of popular games (slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, video poker, scratch cards) from dozens of providers.


Being aware of the insufficient use of the online channel by the industry and objections to traditional lotteries, GG International has created a unique solution on a global scale, True Random Number Generator (TRNG). The solution works based on the natural randomness of the world and utilizes the principles of quantum physics. The system has successfully passed the tests at Gaming Laboratories International, a recognized authority in the gaming industry, and received certification for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions all over the world.


While working on the technical aspects, the company has obtained numerous licenses for running official national online lotteries. The first one, Lotto Zambia was launched nearly instantly in 2019. The company's strategy focuses on starting operations in particularly attractive emerging markets. Another national lottery, LottoNigeria was launched in 2020. LottoPeru and LottoHaiti have been launched in Q3 2021. LottoGuatemala is the next one being developed and will be launched in Q2 2022.


What started as a bunch of friends working as freelancers became a full-blown lottery software company, employing more than 50 people full-time, and more than a 100 are cooperating as 3rd parties on various aspects of our numerous projects. These numbers will quickly grow in 2022 as there are 17 countries from Subsaharan Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East waiting to join the project.

It may be clearly seen it was a fantastic (although laborious) journey for us and creating GGTKN which we strongly believe will become the most popular, easy-to-use payment method for lottery and gambling services is your opportunity to ride with us!