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Weekly news summary

23.09.2022 There's quite a lot happening and the development team has its hands full. Here's a brief summary of news regarding our projects:

1. https://loto-king.com/ - New white label is now live.
2. New PSP integration on White Lotto projects: Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Rapid Transfer.
3. https://lotto24.casino - Finnish language has been added to the white label.
4. https://megajackpot.win - Chinese, Thai and Indonesian language have been added to the white label.
5. New Raffle game is ready to launch at https://luminariagames.com/play-raffle/luminaria-raffle/

BSC SCAN Blue Check Mark

13.09.2022 GG Token has received BSC SCAN Blue Check Mark. BscScan evaluates multiple factors but not limited to the criteria below in determining if a token project is of the public interest:

The contract source code must be verified
The token project must represent a known & public interest project
The token project must maintain a working website with active social profiles and communication channels
The token project has operated for a period of time and achieved certain milestones
The token projects remains active and has ongoing on-chain activities
The token project is well known and often interacted.

NOWPayments integration

09.09.2022 GG token is available at NOWPayments.io. All White Lotto and GG Lotto websites start to accept GG Token as preferred payment method in 3 weeks.

New listing

01.09.2022 GG Token is now available at ChangeNOW.


Supply lock extension

17.08.2022 10% of total supply locked till 31.01.2023 LOCK CERTIFICATE
80% of total supply locked till 31.12.2023 LOCK CERTIFICATE.

Liquidity lock extension

14.08.2022 Liquidity pool lock extended till 10.01.2023: BUSD BNB.

Development news

12.08.2022 GG PAY beta version ready, Metamask wallet integrated.

Next stages: - Wallet connect integration - Trustwallet integration - Custom wallets integration - other currencies and chains integration - other wallets integration

Custom staking ready

11.08.2022 Custom staking for GG World 5/90 is ready. Now users can decide how much they want to stake against the outcome of the lottery, instead of fixed bet price.

Another GG World project is ready for GG Token!

10.08.202225lotto.com GG World 2nd project licensed in Nigeria is ready to go live. GG Token will be accepted as payment method by end of August 2022.

Where to buy GGTKN?

Liquidity Lock - 100% till end of 2023. Extension date and amount will be decided in Q3 2023.

DEX trading now available at:

CEX trading now available at: